In September of 2014 the trajectory of Greg and Stephanie Virgin’s life changed dramatically. Stephanie, a young and healthy budding real estate agent, was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. At that moment Stephanie and Greg entered into an unexpected battle with very dangerous and scary disease. As it all unfolded, Stephanie showed her resilience and strength. Greg lovingly supported her through her journey.

Cancer took Stephanie’s ability to have children naturally but gave them an opportunity to become foster parents to children in need. Cancer changed the trajectory of their professional lives but provided an opportunity to build something beautiful together.

Once Stephanie’s primary battle with cancer had concluded, Greg and Stephanie started Virgin Property Group together. In a way they took control of their lives and together built a company designed to share the gifts of Real Estate with others.

Real Estate has been great to Greg and Stephanie. It provides them with a living, it helps them create wealth through investment, and it allows them to share their experiences with others. Virgin Property Group was founded to share the gifts of Real Estate with friends both new and old. To be the lifetime provider of Real Estate services to families. To provide a family business where Greg and Stephanie’s children can participate and enjoy the fruits of their labor. To build a sustainable practice that outlives them.