Kentucky Derby Quiz

Dated: May 7 2022

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Test your Kentucky Derby Knowledge! Answers are listed at the bottom - don't cheat!


1.     Since 1946, with the exception of 2020, the Kentucky Derby has

always been held on the ______ _______ in May?


2.     The first Kentucky Derby race in 1875 ran with 15 horses and today

up to 20 horses can run. How many horses ran in the Kentucky Derby with the smallest field?


3.     They call it "The Curse of Post. __” No horse has ever won he Kentucky Derby from which post number?


4.     All horses running in the Kentucky Derby are the same age. How old are they?


5.     A total of 6 women have ridden in the Kentucky Derby in how

many races?


6.     The traditional drink of the Derby is the mint julep, how many

are said to be consumed at the race each year?


7.     The record low temperature at the race actually happened twice! Once in 1935 and again in 1957. What was the temperature?


8.     There have 147 running of the Kentucky Derby, how many

Kentucky Derby winners were born in Kentucky?


9.     The Kentucky Derby is a distance of 10 furlongs. How long is a furlong?


10.  More Kentucky Derby winners' names have started with the letter S than any other letter. How many past winners have had names beginning with the letter "S"?








1.     First Saturday

2.     . 3 (in 1892)

3.     Post 17

4.     Three years old

5.     8 races (PJ Cooksey and Julie Kron raced twice)

6.     Over 120,000

7.     47 degrees

8.     107

9.     220 yards or ¼ mile

10.  19: Sea Hero (1993), Seattle Slew (1977), 10. Secretariat (1973), Shut Out (1942), Silver Charm (1997), Sir Barton (1919), Sir Huon (1906), Smarty Jones (2004), Spectacular Bid (1979), Spend a Buck (1985), Spokane (1889), Stone Street (1908), Street Sense (2007), Strike the Gold (1991), Sunday Silence (1989), Sunny’s Halo-CAN (1983), Super Saver (2010), Swale (1984), Swaps (1955).


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