Holiday Cocktail/Mocktails

Shake things up this holiday season and try one of these festive refreshments! Follow these recipes below and be sure to dazzle ALL of your holiday guests!

Classic Holiday Cocktails

  • Eggnog Delight
    • Share a classic eggnog recipe with a twist. Include ingredients like bourbon, nutmeg, and a dollop of whipped cream for that extra holiday touch.
  • Merry Mule
    • Provide a festive Moscow Mule recipe using seasonal ingredients like cranberries and rosemary. Discuss how the copper mug adds a touch of elegance.
  • Spiced Apple Cider Punch
    • Offer a warm and comforting spiced apple cider cocktail recipe, incorporating cinnamon, cloves, and a splash of dark rum.

 Creative Holiday Cocktails

  • Cranberry Bliss Martini
    • Introduce a vibrant and flavorful cranberry martini with a sugared rim. Discuss how the red hue adds a pop of color to holiday gatherings.
  • Gingerbread Old Fashioned
    • Share a unique twist on the classic Old Fashioned by incorporating gingerbread syrup. Explain how the rich, spicy flavors evoke memories of holiday baking.
  • Peppermint Bark Martini
    • Provide a delightful dessert-inspired cocktail recipe featuring peppermint schnapps, chocolate liqueur, and a crushed candy cane rim.

Festive Mocktails for All Ages

  • Sparkling Cranberry Fizz
    • Include a non-alcoholic sparkling cranberry mocktail recipe, perfect for guests of all ages. Highlight the use of sparkling water and fresh cranberries for a festive look.
  • Winter Citrus Mocktail
    • Offer a refreshing citrus-based mocktail with a winter twist, using ingredients like orange juice, pomegranate seeds, and a splash of soda.
  • Cinnamon Apple Spritzer
    • Provide a simple and delicious cinnamon apple mocktail, combining apple cider, sparkling water, and a touch of cinnamon for warmth.

Enjoy, friends! Happy Holidays and Cheers!

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