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40214: Market Stats

40214 40214 sits on the Southwest end of Louisville. Portions of 40214 are contained within or border the city limits of Louisville, KY, Pleasure Ridge Park, KY, and Fairdale, KY. Based on the

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40241: Market Stats

40241 40241 sits on the northeast end of Louisville, It’s nestled right in the corner of where Gene Snyder and I-71 meet. Based on the table below, we can see that the number of homes

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40291: Market Stats

40291 40291 is your Fern Creek area, that sits right within the Gene Snyder freeway. 2022 is slowing rising as the year goes on, but more than likely won’t reach the high 932 number of

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40213: Market Stats

40213 40213 sits both inside and outside of the Watterson, almost central within Jefferson County. As you can see below, from 2019 to 2021, number of homes sold has consistently increased. It

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