Louisville Neighborhood Community Guide

Whether you’re new to 
Louisville or just not sure which area of town you’d like to live in, our Louisville Community Guide highlights what each unique part of Louisville has to offer. We believe Louisville is a great fit for everyone, and we’d love to help you figure out which community is best for you.


Anchorage is one of Louisville’s most quaint, beautiful, and pleasant neighborhoods.
Situated in the northeast part of Jefferson Country, it was home to riverboat captain James Goslee in 1878, as well as an important landmark for the Louisville & Frankfort Railroad. Today, Anchorage is a designated U.S. Historic homes and country estate. Perfect for nature lovers, it offers a secluded feel and is home to the scenic Anchorage Trail. Canopies of magnolia and oak trees line the quiet, picturesque streets, and winding roads are flanked by large, luxurious homes and a vibrant and engaged community of neighbors focused on preserving the original character of the city. Anchorage has its own independent school district. Anchorage is a great place to live for families or older couples looking for a safe and charming community away from the busyness of the city.

Median list price: $795,000

Schools: Anchorage Public School

Crescent Hill

Crescent Hill is bustling with community. It features the historic Frankfort Avenue lined with a range of restaurants, from casual outdoor patios to fine dining, and many unique, locally-owned shops. The Crescent Hill area is home to some of Louisville locals’ favorite restaurants including The Silver Dollar, Le Moo, and Porcini, along with many popular bars and coffee shops. There’s no shortage of things to do, making it a great neighborhood for young adults or anyone who enjoys being social and active.

Median list price: $435,000

Nearby schools: Barrett Traditional Middle School, Sacred Heart Academy, Holy Spirit School, Highlands Latin School


Germantown has a suburban feel and offers an assortment of local restaurants, shops, bars, and coffee shops. It is considered a popular and trendy neighborhood, attracting many young professionals as it’s only a short drive to downtown. Germantown is a tight community full of culture, and has grown immensely in recent years making it a great home to young adults and families.

Median​ list price: $225,000
Nearby schools: Bloom Elementary School, Shelby Traditional School, Meyzeek Middle School, 
Jefferson County Middle School


The Highlands area is unique and full of character. It’s known to be trendy, artistic, and celebrates diversity and individuality. Bardstown Road and Baxter Avenue are located in the Highlands area and are both walkable and lined with popular, locally-owned restaurants and shops. Nightlife is abundant in the Highlands with many neighborhood bars and live music, attracting many young adults.

Median list price: $410,000
Nearby schools: Jefferson County Middle School, Highlands Latin School, Louisville Collegiate School


Located in the southeastern part of the county, Jeffersontown was named after Thomas Jefferson and today has a historic city designation. It is a safe, kid friendly community with a suburban feel. It features a range of chain restaurants and stores and has many family friendly activities including parks, a movie theater, and the annual Gaslight Festival, which is a fair-like festival featuring carnival rides and hot air balloons. It is one of the most well-loved suburbs in Louisville to raise a family in.

Median list price: $283,975

Nearby schools: Jeffersontown Elementary, Middle, & High School, Tully Elementary, St. Edwards, St. Margaret Mary, St. Micheals


This east end neighborhood is situated between Louisville and Shelbyville, Kentucky, hence its name "middle town". Middletown is a quaint, family-friendly city that has a small town charm combined with modern amenities like local boutiques, salons, antique stores, restaurants and garden shops. It’s also home to Beckley Creek Park and EP Tom Sawyer Park, two crown jewels in Louisville's park

system, which offer beautiful running trails and creeks for fishing and kayaking. It has something to offer for residents young and old, and many families who move here tend to never leave.

Median home value: $237,006

Nearby schools: Middletown Elementary, Hite Elementary, Crosby Middle School, Eastern High School, Christian Academy of Louisville

Windy Hills

Windy Hills is known as “The city of historic homes” and boasts being a suburban community full of tradition. It features many walking trails, is full of friendly neighbors, and reflects a quaint little neighborhood. The population is generally over the age 65 making it a great home for retirees. Windy Hills is quiet and safe but located in close proximity to many popular Louisville areas, drawing in young families as well.

Median home value: $419,500

Nearby schools: Dunn Elementary, Chenoweth Elementary, Kammerer Middle School, Westport Middle School, Ballard High School, Waggener High School


Located just east of the Downtown Louisville business district is Butchertown, which, through intensive preservation efforts, has maintained the area's historic homes - some dating back to the Federal era. It was originally home to many butchers and stockyards, hence its name, though no active slaughterhouses remain today. Butchertown is a popular hangout spot for Louisville creatives, with many antique shops, art galleries, and murals. It is a diverse, lively, and vibrant community, making it a great home for young adults and families.

Median home value: $210,000
Nearby schools: Merker School, Carmichael School, Saint Johns School, Breckinridge Schools


Crestwood is about 30 minutes from downtown Louisville and located in the award-winning Oldham County school district. A popular destination to raise a family or retire, it’s a safe, suburban community and was voted by CNN in 2005 as the 52nd best place to live in America. Crestwood has grown over recent years with the construction of new real estate. There’s a number of neighborhoods to choose from ranging from traditional single family homes to luxury estates. Many who move to Crestwood tend to stay their whole lives. 

Median home value: $396,750

Schools nearby: South Oldham Schools, Crestwood Elementary, Centerfield Elementary


Glenview is located along the Ohio River and is known for its luxurious homes with magnificent views of the river. Just off of River Road, Glenview is a pristine location just minutes from downtown Louisville and near Westport Road. Originally built as a community for summer homes, Glenview is one of the most beautiful places to live in Louisville. Many retirees and families are lucky to call this place home.

Median list value: $2,297,000

Schools nearby: Dunn Elementary, Wilder Elementary, Chenoweth Elementary, St. Albert School, Kentucky Country Day School, Kammerer Middle School, Ballard High School

Hikes Point

Hikes point is located in Jefferson County and has a suburban feel. It has a range of chain restaurants and stores so anything you need will be close by. Most of the homes are traditional single family homes, making it a great place to live for new families and retirees. Residents say it is a safe, enjoyable, and walkable community.

Median list value: $218,000

Nearby schools: Klondike elementary, Greathouse Shryock Elementary, St. Matthews Elementary, Ascension School, Seneca High School, Waggener High School

Lake Forest

Lake Forest is one of the largest neighborhoods in Louisville. The subdivision is family friendly and offers neighborhood pools, tennis courts, and the award winning Arnold Palmer golf course. Neighbors are friendly and there’s always a neighborhood event being planned, creating a great sense of community. There’s no shortage of things to do with many restaurants, stores, and parks close by.

Median list value: $524,900

Nearby schools: Stopher Elementary, St. Patrick Catholic School, Hite Elementary, Crosby Middle School, Eastern High School, Christian Academy of Louisville


Located in the Northeast part of Jefferson County (and extending into Oldham County), Prospect is a thriving neighborhood with large subdivisions, golf courses and stables. Prospect was highly agricultural until the mid-1960's, except for a few large homes. It has a small town charm being a little ways away from downtown, and is a friendly community with an assortment of activities including

country clubs with golf, swimming, and tennis. With some of the top ranked public schools in the state, many families move here and tend to never leave.

Median list value: $537,000

Nearby schools: North Oldham Schools, Norton Commons Elementary, Saint Mary Academy, Kentucky Country Day

Cherokee Park

Cherokee Park neighborhoods offer a range of beautiful, unique architecture. In the midst of other popular areas like the Highlands, St. Matthews, and Crescent Hill, it attracts many active and social young adults and families. It’s a scenic, artistic community and of course home to the beautiful and popular Cherokee Park.

Median list value: $662,000

Nearby homes: Bloom Elementary, Louisville Collegiate School, the de Paul School, St. James Catholic School

Douglas Hills

Douglas hills is a residential neighborhood that is known to be safe, scenic, and convenient. It is a popular community for families with a wide range of activities including parks, tennis courts, and golf courses. It’s known to be a welcoming and involved atmosphere, one of the most recommended neighborhoods to raise a family in. It’s conveniently located near other popular family-friendly areas like Middletown and Anchorage.

Median list value: $304,900

Nearby schools: Hite Elementary, Middletown Elementary, Crosby Middle School, Eastern High School


Goshen is located in the award-winning Oldham County school district and offers a rural, suburban feel. It’s a quiet, beautiful area with lots of farmland, fields, and hills. It’s a pleasant community and the epitome of small town charm - the perfect home for nature lovers and anyone who doesn’t mind a commute into the city. It’s home to many small, family owned businesses, and draws in many families and retirees.

Median list value: $507,500
Nearby schools: Goshen Elementary, North Oldham Schools, Harmony Elementary, St. Francis School

Indian Hills

Indian Hills offers some of Kentucky’s most beautiful, southern, charming homes. It’s a friendly, safe neighborhood conveniently located next to the Louisville Country Club. With multiple country clubs, golf courses, and tennis courts, it’s an active community and perfect for families and retirees. Located a short distance from the Ohio River and downtown Louisville, there’s no shortage of things to do in the surrounding areas.

Median list value: $646,750

Schools nearby: Indian Hills Elementary, Chenoweth Elementary, Holy Trinity School, Holy Spirit School, Sacred Heart Academy, Trinity High School


Located near malls, parks, country clubs, and many restaurants, Lyndon is a popular residency for many young adults and families. It’s known to be a friendly community and those who move here typically stay for many years. Lyndon is an affordable, safe area with everything you need close by.

Median home value $249,900

Nearby schools: Zachary Taylor Elementary, Bowen Elementary, Wilder Elementary, Westport Middle School, St. Margaret Mary

St. Matthews

With many local boutiques, shops, and bars, St. Matthews is home to many young adults and families. It’s a safe, diverse, and lively area with popular restaurants and nightlife. It’s considered a trendy area and often an attractive location for first time home buyers. Both of Louisville's biggest malls are in St. Matthews along with many locally owned businesses. Its real estate is always in high demand as this area continues to grow and develop.

Median list value: $316,750
Nearby schools: St. Matthews elementary, Waggener High School, Trinity High School

Norton Commons

600 acre mixed-use community located in northeastern Jefferson County. Beautiful residential homes flow seamlessly into a charming town center, all connected by parks, walkways, pools and plenty of other upscale amenities.

Median list value: $531,500

Nearby schools: Norton Elementery, North Oldham Middle School, North Oldham High School, Goshen at Hillcrest Elementery, Kenwood Station Elementery, Bowen Elementery, 

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