Mistakes To Avoid When Selling A Home

Mistakes To Avoid When Selling A Home

Selling your home can be an emotional, time-consuming process. As the to-do list keeps growing, make sure to check out 3 critical mistakes to avoid, along with some tips to make the process go smoother and faster.

1. Failing To Effectively Prep

Preparing your home to be sold goes beyond just deep cleaning it. It’s a good idea to “neutralize” your home to make it easier for any potential buyer to see themself in it. This could include getting rid of any unique features, like lime green walls, so consider painting your home neutral colors that aren’t distracting.

It’s easy to get caught up getting the inside of your home perfect, but keep in mind that the exterior of your home is the first part of your house that a potential buyer sees during a showing. Just as a dirty home could deter buyers, an unkempt yard or exterior could as well. Make your first impression count. Remember to power wash your driveway, pick any weeds, cut the grass, and plant some flowers if the season is right.

2. Failing To Effectively Stage

Staging might seem like an extra, unnecessary step, having too much or too little furniture can be off-putting or make it difficult for a buyer to envision themselves in that space.​ Make sure your furniture is positioned in ways that accentuate the home’s features, and remove any unnecessary fixtures to make it look more spacious. Brighten up your home with updated lighting and keep curtains and blinds open to let natural light in. If curtains are hung too low and narrow, consider adjusting their postition or removing them all together.

Remove any family portrait so the buyer can picture the home as their own and not someone else's. Lastly, make sure to hide your furry friend’s crate or litter box,. The potential buyers may not be as big of a pet lover as you or may have allergies. 

3. Selling By Yourself - FSBO (For Sale By Owner)

We know it sounds appealing. Why pay an agent for something you can do yourself? Well, there’s a reason only 8-9% of people​in the U.S. list their home as FSBO (ForSaleByOwner) — many reasons, actually. Results come from online marketing. Recent studies have shown that 95% of buyers search online for a home.  More real estate agents have an online strategy for marketing your home. There are multiple people to negotiate with and many ways to leverage your deal. You net more money when using an agent. Additionally FSBOing has become increasingly difficult. Selling your home should be left to the profressionals. Chances are they have seen any obstacles that have come up and have the knowledge to navigate any complications that arise. Doing all of this yourself, and potentially not as effectively as a professional agent, will likely increase the time it takes your home to sell. Real estate agents will save you time because they know how to weed out unqualified buyers, have access to proven marketing strategies, and know how to accurately price and negotiate. Additionally, some buyers will see your inexperience as a prime opportunity to make lower offers, which ultimately will cost you money you could’ve put into a professional agent.

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