Whatever it takes to sell a clients home

Relationships are the backbone of our business. Everything we do is built on relationships. 98% of our sales come from people who are referred to our business. I like to believe that the reason people refer us is due to our relentless dedication to meeting a client's goals and our relational approach. 

Over the holidays we were on the home stretch of a transaction for an adorable home in Lyndon. This property is very cute and represents the last of one of our investor client's investment properties. After this one, he is retired! Well, the buyer wasn't 100% satisfied with a few of the repairs done by the seller. The seller didn't have much interest in redoing the repairs and the buyer wasn't going to budge on his requests so our options were few. 

We have worked with this client a few times now and we have enjoyed him and his lovely wife thoroughly. We wanted the last real estate transaction of his business to go smoothly so I agreed to help get the repairs done. It was 20 degrees outside and all of the repairs that needed to be shored up were outside. Our client and I teamed up and finished the job and in just about an hour we will be sitting at closing together. 

This is how we do business. We work to ensure that the job is done as well as it can be in part because we want people to have such an amazing experience that they introduce us to their friends and family and in part because we love what we do. 

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